Our core values are:

Manaakitanga – caring, awhi, kindness, respect,uplifting each other,teamwork, compassion, encouragement, support, trust, confidence

Kaitiakitanga – guardianship of others, of the environment

Matauranga – learning, knowledge, wisdom, expectation, hope, determination, tuakana/teina, competition, teamwork

At Ngataki School we aim to:

  • Create a learning community
  • Have children at the centre of everything we do
  • Have fun while learning
  • Help others to respect and be sensitive to the rights of others
  • Instill a desire to learn and contribute
  • Provide authentic learning experiences that support and guide students
  • Inspire students to explore, experience and develop their talents through performing arts, specifically Kapahaka
  • Provide a safe environment where we all value ourselves and develop positive self esteem

e-Learning Sites (with acknowledgement to Pompallier School)

Cool Websites for Kids

This collection of websites is a great start for online learning to support programmes in the classroom and beyond.


Funbrain                 www.funbrain.com               Activities to help you with your learning

Kiwi Kids News       www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz      News written just for Kiwi kids

Tutpup                    www.tutpup.com                   Play fun educational games with kids of all ages

Khan Academy       www.khanacademy.org        Learn almost anything for free

Gifted Kids              http://gifted.tki.org.nz          A huge list of websites for you to enjoy

Bitesize KS2                        www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2 English, Maths and Science options

Kaboose                   http://funschool.kaboose.com         Fun School



Sheppardsoftware www.sheppardsoftware.com           A range of basic facts games

Multiplication          www.multiplication.com/games

Fun4thebrain         www.fun4thebrain.com

Multitables              www.multitables.com

Learningplanet       www.learningplanet.co./sam/ff      Fraction Frenzy

Coolmath4kids        www.coolmath4kids.com

Mathszone               www.mathszone.co.uk

Mathplayground    www.mathplayground.com



www.wordle.net                 Cool way to visually present words

www.wordia.com                Fun word games

www.graphwords.com       On line thesaurus

www.vocabulary.co.il          Fun games to build your vocabulary

www.zooburst.com             Make your own pop up books

www.biguniverse.com        Read books and do follow up activities