Attendance and Absences

Once your child is enrolled at school he/she must attend regularly, unless sick or family circumstances prevent attendance.

If your child is absent, please phone the school and leave a message or send a note explaining absence when your child returns to school.

The Principal may inform the Truancy Office of any irregular or unexplained absences. The Truancy Officer will meet with parents and inform parents of the irregular or unexplained absence detailing the time from school being missed and requiring an explanation.

Bell Times

8.20am                                   Bus students arrive

8.45am                                   Morning programme commences

11.00-11.30am                     Morning Break

12.30pm-1.15pm                  Lunch Break

2.45pm                                   School finishes. Bus students depart


Book Club

Ashton Scholastic Books provide opportunities throughout the year for students to purchase books. You will be advised of the details as we receive order forms.

Book Bags/Homework Bags

Please make sure these are returned to school daily.

Change of phone number and/or address

Should your contact details change at any time, please inform the school office. It is important that, in case of an emergency, we are able to make contact with you or a nominated contact person.

Child to leave early

Please inform the school office if you need to take your child out of school early. Make sure you sign them out at the office as you leave.

Class/school trips

As part of class or school studies, students sometimes go on trips to places of interest. It is important that all students take part as the trip is often part of the continued class work. You will be advised by letter before a trip takes place.

Dental treatment

The mobile dental clinic visits once a year to treat students. Should you need to make contact at any other time, please contact Pukenui School.


Young children’s homework usually consists of reading or having someone read to them.

Older children’s homework frequently includes reading, learning spelling words, completing a piece of writing, learning basic number facts.

Your support is essential. It is important that your children have a quiet place to complete their homework. Please take the time to listen to your children read, to ask questions and show an interest.

Lost property

All lost property is usually in the classrooms. To eliminate lost property, please make sure items of clothing are clearly named.


We do not have a lunchroom. Students bring lunch from home. We are happy to heat food. At times Friday will be Pie Day and orders will be taken on Friday morning.

Newsletters and notices

Newsletters are issued every fortnight. Notices are given out when there is a need (trips etc)

V Moko/Public Health Nurse

Our Public Health Nurse and our v Moko Nurse visit the school weekly. Should you have any concerns please make contact with the school office.

Reporting to Parents

Parents receive an Effort Report at the end of Term 1, and two Achievement Reports, one at the end of Term 2 and one at the end of Term 4.

Parents have the opportunity to attend a Student Led Conference at the end of Term 2.

School Uniform

Gold polo shirts are available for purchase at the office. Black shorts or track pants can be purchased from The Warehouse.

Sickness at school

Children who become sick at school are monitored. If it is obvious that the child should be cared for at home, every effort will be made to contact parents and ask that they take their child home.

If your child is sick, please do not send them to school.


Stationery lists will issued at the end of the year for the following year. This is to enable parents to benefit from the back to school specials. We aim to keep expense to a minimum and appreciate it if purchase can be made as soon after the start of the year as possible.